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Brand Launch: Highers Studio

I love working on this project with the lovely Mandie from Highers Studios, Mandie came to me with her photography business formally know as Mandie Highers Photography. We stared the branding with a name change, Mandie knew she wanted a new name for her business. She wanted something more catchy and simple, but yet still her. After talking about it, she thought she might just keep the orginal name, so I suggest just dropping her first name and changing it to ‘Highers Studios’.
The next step Mandie wanted to take in her branding was niching fully to couples and weddings. For this design to truly work for her, the design HAD to speak directly to that audience. She wanted to communicate an easy going, fun, laid back experience for her customers. She wanted to attract couples who were more passionate about their love for each other and who found their wealth in the joy of real moments rather than a materialist wedding. Mandie is all about the connection, which you can tell straight away from talking to her. One of the problems Mandie is facing in her business was attracting more couples, I knew this was a problem I just had to solve for her.
I wanted her design to not only give out the right feelings and communicate those things to her audience, I truly wanted to communicate love and connection. I wanted those easy going fun couples to go ‘wow, this is the photographer for me’
I started this with the colour palette, although it’s easy to go to blush and golds for weddings, we are not trying to communicate expensive, fancy and materialistic weddings. We’re trying to communicate, deep true love, connection and laid back homeyness. I also wanted the colour palette to work perfectly alongside Mandie’s photography style, so I made sure I picked moody tones. I went for a deep wine colour communicating romance, a deep green to communicate nature and connection. Then I added to neutral warm tones for earthy, homey vibes. I love this simple palette that works so well for her audience, brand and style.

For the main logo, I went for a modern vintage script type, which has the beauty of script but it’s still modern, a little edgy and homey. I customised the typeface slightly where the H and G meet. I paired this typeface with ‘Book Antiqua’ which is a gorgeous vintage serif typeface.

I then took all those little elements and create a pattern that was a slightly more girly and has more of a wedding feel to it. I wanted to reinforce those elements making sure everyone knows what Mandie is all about, that loooove. I hope you can see how Mandie’s new brand came together so perfectly to balance all those thoughts and ideas in such a way that connects with her audience.

What does Mandie think of her new brand? I’m glad you asked. I was SO blessed to receive this feedback yesterday.

How did you find the service and working with Sarah?

Sarah is incredibly wonderful! I absolutely love how in tune she was with my vision & even how she seemed to know me better than I knew myself. I couldn’t express enough just how talented she is.

How did you find the quality of work and design?

The quality of work and design is unmatched! Beautiful details, personal touches & very much on point with my brand!

Did the project turn out as well as you hoped?

No, It turned out EVEN BETTER!

How did you find the emailing system? Was it helpful and easy to keep track of communication?

So easy to manage, navigate & communicate through!

How did you find the turnaround and response time?

QUICK! But not rushed, she took her time but made sure not to leave me waiting around for very long at all!

Would you recommend Kern & Ink to a friend? Yes

Anything you think we could improve on?

NOTHING! – well, maybe finding a way to get over here to North Carolina so I can treat you to some coffee! Other than that, no! LOL

Ain’t she the best? I’d LOVE to know what all of you think of Mandie’s new brand, please do let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to go and check her out at Highers Studios, he work is simply stunning. https://highersstudios.com/

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Services 2 Week Brand Package

Includes: Brand Design, Business Card, Social Platforms, Thank you Card, PDF Price Guide.

View Highers Studios Final Brand PDF

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