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Visiting Castle Rising – Norfolk, uk

We decided to take a half term visit to Castle Rising in Norfolk. This beautiful little castle is an impressive view, placed atmospherically on top of a hill surround by a large moat. The castle was built back back in 1140 AD, impressively the walls are still standing today.

Maddison loved visiting the castle, enjoying the maze of steps and rolling down the hills. Unfortunately, at the time of our visit part of the castle kitchen was closed off due to COVID (at a discounted price, so we didn’t mind) but it was still very much worth the trip. I also do believe live they have auto tours with headphones you can take part in.

We loved visiting this little atmospheric ruins and can’t wait to return when it’s fully opened and will be using the auto tour to get all the historic details of the castle, there are plenty of lovely little picnic spots around too which would make this a great place to let the kids have a run around and have a picnic too.

We look forward to returning! You can find out more about castle rising at http://www.castlerising.co.uk/

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