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we're sarah & scott - a couple duo based in norfolk, uk.

Although we design your brand and website, we provide so much more. Let’s figure out how you want to show up in the world, and reconnect with why you got started in the first place. We want to help you go from discouraged, confused, frustrated and struggling to confident, badass, soul-on-fire-THRIVING. Our unique approach will give you so much more than just design, we'll give you confidence, clarity, inspiration and motivation. And we’re here to cheer you on every step of the way. 

I started my design business over 4 years ago and I have tons of experience and hundreds of projects under my belt, but I’ve always felt kinda… stuck within my business. I’ve always questioned what I “should” be doing, how my brand “should” show up, and who I “should” serve. I was so busy trying to be like every other business in the industry, that I forgot to be like myself.

One day, I decided to completely change everything - and I mean EVERYTHING! My process, my approach, my mindset; I started thinking less about what I SHOULD be doing as a business owner and started thinking more about what feels like ME. Ever since I took on this fresh badass approach to my business, I’ve seen so much more growth.  I've been booked out, had people saving up to work with me and even having clients I can honestly call my friends.

This all happened because my brand up-haul was personality focused. Clients see themselves within our brand. Not only is design now my full-time job, but my partner has quit his job to join the team! I went from a broke, “unemployable”, college dropout (TWICE), single mum, to a successful full-time business owner working with a family team being supported on this income alone. I created this freedom not only for myself but for my family too, and I REALLY want to help you get the same; a brand but more importantly, a life you’ll fall in love with.

meet sarah - lead designer / co-owner / founder

A broke college dropout (twice) and a single mum at 19 to a thriving business owner.

reading fiction

museums & galleries

collecting bugs

buying make-up

wearing docs

being in nature

playing rpgs

Sarah's favourites 

Hey, I’m Scott. I’m the first and most recent member to join the Kern & Ink team. My story might seem familiar to some of you… I left school and took on an apprenticeship to work in a job that I didn’t love for 10 years. Flipping between day and night shifts had a huge strain on not just my physical health, but on my mental well-being too. I started getting so tired of having to plan my life around getting enough sleep, just to pay the bills! It just wasn’t cutting it anymore. That’s where Kern & Ink came in…

I decided to take the leap into working with Sarah on growing the business further, and it was the best decision I've made! I’m the organised one in the relationship (Sarah is the chaotic creative) and you’ve got to have a bit of both to make it work. It just made sense that I'd be the one to jump in and help to give clients an incredible experience from start to finish by making sure their projects stay on track and everything runs smoothly. I’m so excited to be a part of your journey and create the brand you’ve always dreamed of

meet scott - project manager / co-owner 

12-hour shift work and running on empty to self-made schedule and freedom

dark comedies

playing golf

eating fiveguys

drinking powerade

wearing vans

following football

playing FPS games

Scott's favourites

embracing your weird
going against the grain

these are the things that are none negotiable in not just our business but in life too


As long as we have enough to live, we see our lives as a total success.

Success to us is quality time together as a family and the freedom to adventure. Everything else that comes with a successful business is just a massive bonus to us! As long as we have enough to live, we see our lives as a total success. A life we don’t need a vacation from! No matter how much our business grows or where it takes us, this is always at the heart of everything we do. We measure our success by the growth of our freedom. And we want the same for you!

this is what success means to us



who has the most tattoos / 

2 years


3 years

how long have we been together /

the mighty boosh


south park

fav thing to watch together /




our Dream Vacation  /


Okay, so lets see..


five guys

our first date /

how well do you know us

Sarah has 3, while Scott has 2 full arm sleeves, a full neck piece, one on each finger & one on his leg (two of which are drawn by Sarah.)


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