Our businesses tell stories. As creative people our work isn't simply just work, our work connects to not only ourselves, but to others too. Creatives are my favourite people, they have passion, spirit, adventure. They appreciate the rawness of life and their work is full of purpose. As a fellow purpose filled creative, I want to help you harness this story and encourage you to get that story out into the world with emotive branding, a personality filled website and me encouraging you every step of the way. 

Meet Sarah

My support and biggest fans - my parnter and little lady.

My home office, just like me a mix of weird, edgy and boho

the beach is my favuorite place in the world and i'm so grateful we live near it.

From a young age drawing was my thing, then later thanks to getting a computer in our house design was my next love and then I purchased my first DSLR at 14 years old. I studied Photography, applied art and graphic design in college... which i dropped out off... twice.

Now Let’s go back 5 years, just before Kern & Ink was born. I found myself as a single mum of 20, with no job, no job experience and no qualifications. No one would hire me and quite frankly, I didn’t want to be. I didn’t want to work in a job I hated just to be away from my little girl all day everyday to just spend all my money on childcare and STILL not be able to pay the bills.  One day after a horrific trial day as an apprentice graphic designer where my job seemed like everything BUT design and my apprenticeship was in something COMPLETELY different, I had enough. Previously to this I freelanced in design on and off but always felt like an imposter, i couldn’t possibly do this, it’s too hard, i need to get a *air quote* proper job *air quote*... sound familiar? But from this day, I vowed I’d make Kern & Ink my full time thing and then Kern & Ink was born. Now I get to do what I love, work with people I admire and get to spend as much time with my family as I like.  Now my purpose is helping others do the same and  help them to create the business of their dreams through branding and a gorgeous website  that gets them raising prices and booking out. 


avid reader of classic fiction and high fantasy novels and have a target of reading 5 books a month. Binger of star wars + lotr. AT HOME I'M EITHER READING, PLAYING WITH MY DAUGHTER OR PLAYING SKYRIM ON MY SWITCH. 

going to heavy metal gigs in my docs (slamdunk + bloodstock every year) is my favourite thing to do with my friends, as well as eating copious amounts of wagamama's. i get my music taste from my dad which i'm eternally grateful for as we  talk about music while listening to bowie and black sabbath, or vinly hunting

lover of photography. i would love to master travel photography + get a film camera soon. i LOVE ADVENTURE + TRAVEL. i used to want to be a photographer for national geographic or something similar (maybe when the little lady is older)

my design work is heavily inspired by nature + tattoo design. i love illustrating animals, bugs, florals and skulls. i take a lot of my inspiration from taxidermy and nautre / animal books.

lover of nature documentaries and forest / beach walks. the natural history museum is my favourite place. I collect TAXIDERMY FRAMES FOR MY GALLERY WALL I'M MAINLY OBSESSED WITH MOTHS,

when i'm working in my home office you can often find me listening to heavy metal or audiobooks drinking copious amounts of tea (typical brit) surrounded by my millions of plant babies. lots of jars of propgrating plants on every window seal kind of vibe.

Guess My Favourite's

what is my favourite food?
1. pizza
2. tacos
3. ben & jerrys

what is my favourite colour?
1. black & forest green
2. beige & orange
3. grey & mustard

what is my favourite flower?
1. red roses
2. lillies
3. peonys

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