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It’s time to show up as the real, raw and messy you. Taking a personal approach to branding is what we love to do. Our entire business, service, and ethos are formed around personality-led strategic design. Getting to know our clients (like, REALLY getting to know them), and understanding what fills you with joy and lights up your soul… That’s where it’s at for us. This isn’t just about creating a brand that you love - it’s showcasing all the wild, messy and badass things that make you, YOU

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You weren’t born to fit in, neither should your business

Being cold and impersonal in business is dead and buried. You’ve heard the saying… People don’t buy into products, people buy into people. Weird and wild stories, authentic souls, and bare-faced truth; that is what people will invest in. Why? Personal connection! Energy is everything. When you show up as the real authentic you, it forms a genuine connection with the people around you, and they become a part of your story.

hey there! we're sarah & scott

We hear you’re a little bit weird too, so let’s build a brand that truly matches your wild personality, and that’s just that little bit unconventional. Forget design trends that come and go; you know what never goes out of trend? YOU. The real, beautiful, weird, wild you.

Although we design your brand and website we provide so much more. Let’s figure out how you want to show up in the world, and reconnect with why you got started in the first place. We want to help you go from discouraged, confused, frustrated and struggling to confident, badass, soul-on-fire-THRIVING. Our unique approach will give you so much more than just design, we'll give you confidence, clarity, inspiration and motivation. And we’re here to cheer you on every step of the way. 

We’re a little weird, and we totally love it.

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"I felt like you really listened to me with my hopes for elevated simplicity."

I can't believe how much more mobile-friendly this website is. I used to tell people to just view my site on their laptops because I was so frustrated and ashamed of the mobile view. I  felt like Kern & Ink  really listened to me with my hopes for elevated simplicity. I'm so damn excited to use this as an actual business tool. I was so stressed about the financial investment. But I couldn't be more confident that this was the right choice for me and my business! 

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"Literally just want to find more projects so we can keep working together! "

Sarah is beyond amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better brand design! I've always really struggled with my brand, my colors, my voice and I feel like you were able to find a brand that really resonates with me! You are simply the best and loved working with you! Literally just want to find more projects so we can keep working together! 

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"I know she takes the time to hand-illustrate everything which makes it extra special."

Kern & Ink is freaking magic! Working with Sarah was truly one of the easiest things I've done in awhile. Her willingness to be available to her clients is one for the books! Sarah has quite the gift to be able to get to know you & design a brand that is so uniquely you. I know she takes the time to hand illustrate everything which makes it extra special. I honestly cannot say enough good things her!

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"One of my absolute favorite things about Kern and Ink studio is the turn around time!"

Unlike so many other branding studios out there, she really focuses her entire attention onto your brand. Don't ever be discouraged about it being done in a day because the quality is top notch, the communication is quick and seamless, and she comes up with ideas that speak to your soul that you would never even though of! Even with a few small revisions, she was so quick to get them turned around and I couldn't believe how awesome it all was. AND DID I MENTION! It was done in a day! 

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"The best experience I've had with anyone in this field."

The experience was seamless! Sarah was kind, quick, on point, communicated clearly and really applied any feedback so well. Sarah is an illustration wizard. I love her illustrations and it's really darn impressive how quick she is with them too! The design was amazing, I love her sense of style and direction and you can really see that reflected in her work. You guys have this down to a science, it's amazing!! I don't think I've ever gassed someone up this much but they are extremely talented at what they do, seriously!

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"I never felt like a "number" and felt like I was working with a small business who truly cares about me!"

I feel so well taken care of, loved, and heard. I am truly so impressed. I already showed a few friends and their first response was, "OMG THAT IS ALL SO YOU!" And that's exactly what I wanted - a brand that is ME to my core. I couldn't believe how I would mention an idea or a little tweak during the process and then Sarah just completely knocked my socks off with what she provided. She is such a talented artist.

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"I felt so comfortable and confident that we were on the same page the whole time"

Sometimes working with others can give me anxiety, but Sarah made it such a seamless and smooth process for me, and the whole brand-in-a-day idea in itself is amazing. I felt so comfortable and confident that we were on the same page the whole time we exchanged emails and feedback. And I have no words for the magic she created for my brand and me! I’m over the moon happy about how everything came out, just so absolutely grateful! ‘ 

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