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Are your illustrations one of a kind and unique to me?

All of our illustrations are hand drawn in the studio by Sarah to create uniqueness for your branding -- You get between 6-9 of these illustrations in your branding depending on your brand & your requests.


Do you take on clients worldwide?

We normally work with clients based in the US but we are based in the UK and are happy to work with clients all over the world.


Can I request a quote if a package doesn't fit my needs?

Absolutely! We love working on more extensive and in-depth projects, if you have a project that needs a longer time frame or more details/deliverables then our starter packages, then absolutely do get in touch, and we can send a quote your way. We don’t offer quotes for smaller projects unless you’ve previously worked with us. 


Can I book branding now and come back for a website later?

Absolutely! As long as we have worked on your brand and have all those files in our system you can come back and book additional services or a website in a day project at any time!


Do you do website design without doing my brand first?

As a general rule we don't work on any websites unless we've created the branding first. We are happy to make the odd exception if you've got a fully built out branding system. 


What happens if I book a day but then can't make it?

We always encourage you to book a day when you know you won’t have other commitments (hello editing days) but we totally get that life stuff happens, and sometimes things don’t go to plan; if you let us know 14 days in advance, we’ll happily move your day for you. This allows us enough time to maybe book someone else at short notice for that spot. If don’t give us enough notice a rescheduling fee may be applied.


What do I need before the day?

When you book in with us, you'll have some homework bits to complete before our day together such as questionnaires, mood boards and website content. We need these pieces completed ONE WEEK before the VIP day to allow us enough time to prep for your project and get previews sent your way before the day together. If you do not have these homework pieces completed ONE WEEK before the project start date then a rescheduling fee may apply. We book months in advance however so you’ll always have plenty of time! 


How soon can we get started?

We only have a limited amount of projects available each month. Since we only have limited spots they tend to get booked up fast, so to ensure you don't miss out on your project we would recommend inquiring and getting booked in as soon as possible. Even if you're not ready for a few months, it's better to secure your spot in advance.


Do you do a logo only package?

We fully believe that a logo can only do so much for your business. We want to help our clients shift their business and achieve their goals, but a logo isn't going to create an impactful change for their businesses and create the support that we truly want to provide.


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