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6 Signs it’s time to re-brand your photography business



Have you been wondering if re-branding is right for you? Have no clue whether it’s the right move for your business? Here are 6 signs to look out for when it’s time to re-brand.

  1. Your customers are confused about what you sell.

    Your logo may say florist but really your a landscape architect. If your customers don’t come onto your page and website and instantly know what you do when your brand isn’t clearly communicating to them. This is where a brand strategy is deadly important and something I provided in all my packages.

  2. Your embarrassed to hand out business cards or link your website.

    Or at least you don’t absolutely love sharing it. You should be pumped to show off your brand. If this isn’t you? You need to re-brand! You should want to shout about your business and your work from the rooftops. A great brand that not only feels right to you but to your audience to can be a massive confidence boost to you, that your clients definitely will notice.

  3. You look the same as your competition and don’t stand out.

    People don’t see what’s unique about you and you have to price yourself the same as your competitors because your business looks the same and offers the same. Having a good brand strategy and help you pick out what’s different about your business, what to really highlight to clients. You can then communicate this through your brand design.

  4. You’ve outgrown it.

    To compete with higher tear brands you need a higher brand design to go with it. If your not able to get to that next step you want in your business whether that’s higher prices or a different audience when your business is ready to grow sometimes your brand can be what holds you back. Your designer should design your brand in mind for future growth so this shouldn’t happen again.

  5. Struggling to raise your prices.

    A re-brand is very useful for providing your customers or clients with more then just a product or service, your brand gives them an experience. Implemented correctly, your brand can take your client experience from meh to wow. Allowing you to charge more just for the experience alone. Brands are able to charge more because they are a brand. White polo top vs Nike polo top, which one costs more? Why? Because of the brand.

  6. Trying to connect with a new audience.

    If your target market has changed then your brand might not appeal to that audience anymore. Say you were targeting women, now you want to include men, having a feminine logo will make attracting men to your business impossible. Maybe you were attracting an older audience now you want to reach out to millennial, you’ll need a younger brand and message. Your brand should always perfectly align with the people who view it, that’s where a good strategy comes into play.

I hope these signs helped you in your business, let me know in the comments if this helped you!

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