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Brand design for Marisa Rose Photography



Marisa approached us with a request for branding that would exude a warm, dreamy and peaceful vibe for her candid-style photography business. She aimed to attract heartfelt, easy-going clients who embrace their true selves and appreciate messy hair and deep belly laughs. Her clients crave both cozy intimacy and adventure, whilst also recognizing beauty in the mundane and romanticizing their small daily moments.

After reviewing Marisa’s questionnaire, we knew we had to create a brand that was loving, dreamy, and whimsical. We achieved this inviting feel by choosing a color palette of warm neutrals, creating a sense of calm and airiness while still being warm and hazy. Our illustrations feature elements from nature and life that inspire people to get lost in the world or romanticize about, such as laying under the stars, staring at the moon, dreamy landscapes, and beautiful wildflowers with butterflies fluttering by, and curling up with a cozy book. We added texture and shading to these illustrations to give them a vintage feel, making them less clean, bold and cold and more rustic, dreamy, and inviting. To create a simple and approachable type palette, we used a mixture of a script font and modern, slightly textured sans font.

We are ecstatic with the outcome of Marisa’s branding and look forward to seeing her attract more laid-back, heartfelt clients drawn to her romantic candid artistry.

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