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Luxury Outdoorsy Brand design for Illinois Photographer, Areli Bowman



Services booked: Brand in a day

Service included: Strategy, 6 Illustrations, Logo suite, Colour Palette, Font Palette, Business cards + Notecards

Areli reached out to us at Kern & Ink studio because she was looking for a brand that truly reflects her personality and is tailored specifically to her business. She has recently decided to shift her focus from family photography to specializing in intimate weddings. During our initial consultation, it became evident that Areli had a strong desire to create a brand that is not only warm and approachable but also appeals to a higher-end clients. As we reviewed her Pinterest board, which was filled with stunning outdoor imagery, it became clear that nature would play a significant role in shaping the brand’s direction.

During the brand direction presentation, we took the time to explain our thought process on how we planned to blend Areli’s vision together. Our team combined elements of the outdoors with exquisite floral designs to create a luxurious aesthetic that seamlessly integrates luxury with the beauty of nature. We carefully curated a warm and inviting color palette that perfectly complements the brand’s identity, and we selected a high-end font that focuses on luxury typography to ensure a cohesive and polished look across all aspects of her brand.

In order to add a sentimental touch to the brand, we decided to feature both Areli’s and her mom’s birth flowers in the window and moon illustration. This personal detail not only adds a special meaning to the design but also serves as a reminder of the emotional connection she has with her family.

Working with Areli on this brand design for her business was an absolute pleasure, and we are genuinely excited to witness her success as she embarks on this new direction. We have no doubt that her warm and approachable brand, with its luxurious touches and nature-inspired elements, will resonate strongly with her target audience and contribute to her growth.

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