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8 Questions to ask yourself before working with a designer



Investing in branding is a big investment, just as it should be. Branding is an essential part of having a business and is just as important as every other business element. Which means it should be done well and you should invest in someone to make sure it is done well. But how do you really know if you are ready for that step? I’ve noted down some questions you should ask yourself before working with a designer.

1. Are you prepared for the time and capital that you will need to invest in order to take your business to the next level?

If you want to take the next step in your business, have the funds to do so and are prepared to collaborate with the designer and provide great feedback in a timely manner then branding is a good step for you.

2. Do you have a good understanding of what a brand IDENTITY and brand strategy is and how it can help grow your business in terms of attracting your dream client, growing your audience and creating a brand that is strategic and completely authentic?

If you understand just how important a brand is for a business and how it can grow your business then your set to work with a designer.

3. Do you want the quality of your work to be reflected within your brand identity?

Sometimes although we offer quality products and quality services it may not appear that we are offering quality. Your audience should know you offer quality straight from viewing any of your social platforms. If you want this to be so and don’t feel that your business products and brand are aligning, then taking the step to work with a designer is a good call.

4. Do you value consistency across all platforms and want your clients to value it too?

If you feel like none of your platforms match each other and your audience doesn’t either then it could be time to work with a designer. Your brand should be so consistent that soon as they go from your Instagram to your website they should 100% know that it’s the same business.

5. Are you wanting to get your new business off on the right foot from the outset to KICK START your launch?

If your starting up a new business and you want to get on the right foot straight away by having a focused and strategic brand that will align with your customers straight away to get a good jump start on creating an audience then working with a designer is essential to make this happen.

6. Would the increased sales of products or packages in the first month of your new brand launch recover the costs of hiring a professional?

If you invested in truly great branding and your audience loved and connected with your brand which increased sales, engagement and growth, would that recover the costs? Is it a worthwhile investment for you?

7. Have you seen growth in your business where you feel like you need to refresh your brand IDENTITY to re-align it to your new goals? and would this expand your growth even more?

Sometimes the brand we start with isn’t the brand we grow into when working with a designer they should take into consideration the room for business growth and where your business wants to head in the future. But sometimes this can change altogether, as your business grows and develops sometimes some adjustments need to be made. Not always necessarily a new logo but a new strategy and new elements to pair with existing elements to re-connect your brand with your audience, keeping it fresh and most important, impact.

8. Are you wanting to differentiate yourself from your competitors or charge a premium price for your service or product?

If you offer similar products or services, or even if you don’t but people assume you do then having a brand can truly make you stand out from the competitors. Whether that is making your brand completely different or making it a higher quality, whatever difference your business has from the crowd is what your brand should be saying to your audience. Having a high-value brand will also allow you to charge more for your product or services.

I hope these questions help you figure out if you’re ready to work with a designer or not!

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