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30 Blog Post Ideas for Photographers

Your blog on your website is an opportunity, it’s an opportunity to connect with your followers. It a chance to educate, to share and connect. As a photographer I know it’s hard coming up with ideas on what to blog, so today I wanted to share some ideas I had back in the day when I had a photography business. I hope it helps you not only come up with great ideas but to appreciate your work, your journey and to connect more to those around you.

Share more of you

As a business, people do not connect to products or things, they connect to you, the person behind the business. Your blog is a great opportunity to share more of who you are. This gives your audience a great insight to you as a person, they will feel connected and inspired to who you are. Maybe they relate to aspects of your life so want to work with you because of that. This also a great opportunity to share personal photography and photography of events or trips that wouldn’t fit in with your portfolio work.

Things to share about yourself:

01. A day in the life post

02. Your photography story

03. What inspires you in photography

04. An embarrassing photography moment

05. A personal Event (birthday, holidays, days out)

06. Turn your blog into a photo diary sharing images of the day

07. Share your hobbies and interests

08. Make a playlist of music you list to while editing

09. Travel Diary

10. Your life during certain seasons, photography you Christmas decorations, trips, events, Christmas day etc.

Educate your clients

Your blog is the perfect place to educate anyone who is wanting to work with you. This will present you as the expert and build trust with anyone who’s been keeping an eye on your work or looking to work with you.

11. What to wear for a session

12. How to prepare for a session

13. Location tips

14. How best to work with you

15. Your process on start to finish

16. Behind scenes of a session

17. Any tips you can give them to make the session easier

18. What they receive in their final files/product

19. Answer FAQ’s

20. Picking the perfect location


Sharing more about running a photography business can also show those wanting to book with you that your an expert and that you know what you’re doing and also give more insight to you as a person. It will give you more value that your business is a serious thing.

21. Your business goals for the year

22. Your end of the year business review

23. Behind the scenes of a day at work

24. Behind the scenes of your editing

25. Share your workspace

26. Tips for how to run a photography business

27. Your favourite gear and equipment

28. Share some outtakes

29. Do a photography challenge like a photo a day.

30. Link to your press – any interview or features you’ve received

Notice how I’ve not included any technical photography blog posts, this would depend on your target audience. If you just wanted to attract fans of your work and future clients then talking technical about photography won’t attract them, it’s more likely to attract other photographers who likely won’t be booking your services. Your task is to appeal to your clients and future clients, what would be helpful for them? What would help them connect to you?

If you’re wanting to create a platform to teach and educate other photographers, maybe you have a course, workshop or service for them then sure, go ahead and share more tips on how to be a better photographer. This post was made with just potential clients in mind.

I hope it helps! Let me know what one in the commons you’re going to blog about first?

  1. kate says:

    I really needed to read this!! Needed some inspiration on what to share. Thanks!

  2. Nicole says:

    Love these ideas!!

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