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Brand design for Pennsylvania Videographer, Small Forest FIlms



Brand design for Pennsylvania Videographer Small Forest Films

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The aim of the project:

The aim of Kyles’s project was to create a brand that is not only moody and emotive but also unique and different. Our vision was to create a brand that would stand out in a crowded market. That would be remembered for its creativity and originality. To achieve this, we had to think outside the box and develop innovative ways to make the brand more exciting.

One of the main ideas behind the brand was to create a sense of elevated artistry that would be both inspiring and captivating. We wanted the brand to be more than just a product or service. We wanted it to be an experience that people could connect with emotionally. To achieve this, we added some whimsical elements to the brand. Such as fun and quirky illustrations that would add an unexpected fantastical element while still being super cool.

In addition to the quirky illustrations, we also added a pop of bright green to the brand. A painted sign inspired this in one of the films of one of Kyles’s weddings. Which he featured on his Instagram account. We felt that this bright and bold color would add a feel of outdoorsy-ness to the brand. But without going full-on national park vibes.

To add some edginess to the brand, we incorporated some bold and daring elements. Such as a skeleton hand holding a coffee mug, tattoo banners, and a snake wrapped around a Super 8 camera. These elements not only added some edginess to the brand but also helped to create a playful twist that would make the brand more memorable.

Overall, our goal was to create a brand that would be both inspiring and engaging. And we believe that we have achieved this by incorporating a range of creative and innovative ideas into the brand.

We had a fantastic time crafting this brand for Kyle. And we’re super happy to be working on his website very shortly too! 

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