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Brand & Showit Website Design for Buffalo Photographer, Jessy Herman



Jessy came to us wanting to convey a happy, joyful vibe for her new branding while also having a laid-back and supportive personality. It was essential to her that we created a welcoming and uplifting experience for clients without overwhelming them, all-the-while conveying a non-traditional, slightly offbeat vibe. Jessy is located in Buffalo, NY, and a large part of her life is her love for where she lives. We knew from how much she loved Buffalo that it was important for us to ensure her brand was influenced by the area she lives in. We wanted to achieve a cool, rustic and minimal aesthetic whilst still keeping the brand fun, friendly and uplifting. Another thing she loved was puzzles and popcorn which ended up being illustrations that we added to her branding too. 

Jessy approached us seeking to attract more maternity and family clients to her brand as she has always focused more on sharing her weddings on her socials and her website. We decided to break up Jessy’s services and divide her portrait work separately from weddings by creating a dedicated page for each, allowing us to tailor images and website copy more to each audience. She also wanted to highlight the overall experience of working with her, not just her photography skills. To achieve this, we ensured that her website was easy to navigate and included a step-by-step guide on working with her and addressing many common questions her clients might have before working with her. We wanted to clarify that Jessy was there to support her clients from the beginning. 

We were thrilled with the outcome of this project and had such a blast working with Jessy. We can’t wait to see all that she accomplishes in the future!

Take a look at Jessy’s new website here

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