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Five photography newsletter content ideas.



Okay, so we’ve covered creating your freebie, and a step-by-step on how to get your email list started in our series on creating a photography newsletter. Now you’ve done that and started building your email list, what the heck do you send them now?!

If you’re a photographer looking to connect with your audience and showcase your work, creating a monthly newsletter can be a great way to do so. A photography newsletter offers a unique opportunity to share your work and insights with your audience in a more personal way than social media. Also, by sending a photography newsletter on a repeat basis, whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, your client gets to know you on a consistent basis. Here are five ideas for content to include in your newsletter.

1. Feature your photography work

The best and easiest strategy for your photography newsletter is highlighting some of your best work. In doing so, you can give your audience a taste of what you can offer and showcase your skills. Additionally, this can help establish your credibility and expertise in your field. You can also briefly explain the thought process behind the work you are presenting. Or you can provide some more context about the project or client. By giving more context behind the work, you can help your readers understand the value of your work and appreciate your expertise even more. 

2. Behind the scenes of your business

Taking your audience behind the scenes of your photography process can be a highly effective way to connect with them on a deeper level. In addition to sharing your set-up, equipment, and techniques, consider discussing your creative vision and how you bring your ideas to life. You may also want to share some of your favourite locations to shoot. Or even any challenges you have faced while on location. By opening up about your process, you can give your audience a personal glimpse into your world. You then start to establish yourself as a trusted and relatable expert in your field.

3. Tips and tricks for clients

Sharing your knowledge with your audience is essential to positioning yourself as an expert in your field. One way to do so is by providing tips and tricks that can be helpful to them. For instance, you could offer advice on what to wear for a photoshoot session, how to plan an elopement, or even how to choose the perfect location for a shoot. You can build trust with your audience by sharing tips and advice and giving them a quick win to achieve their goals. If they see you as a valuable resource, they’ll remember to return to you for what they need later on. Remember, the more you share, the more you can connect with your audience and build a loyal following.

4. Client Stories

One effective way to showcase your work and build social proof is by sharing stories from past clients and projects. These stories demonstrate your value and give potential clients a deeper understanding of what you create for clients that goes beyond a finished product. For example, you could share a story about how you helped a client overcome a difficult challenge. Or how went above and beyond to deliver additional guidance and support. By sharing these stories, you can establish yourself as someone who looks out for their clients. This helps future clients understand the experience you provide. Therefore increasing your value. These stories could connect with some pain points someone in your audience might be having. By them seeing how you problem-solved those issues for a past client can help let them know that you are the person to solve those problems.

5. Have fun with it; don’t be afraid to add personality.

Photography newsletters can sometimes feel intimidating and dull. However, it’s important to remember that your newsletter reflects your personality and brand. You want to engage your audience and entice them to work with you in the future. One way to do this is to inject creativity and fun into your newsletter. Share personal anecdotes, such as funny stories or memorable experiences. You could also include photos of your furry friend or family, travel stories, or future plans. If there’s something you’re passionate about, such as a hobby or a cause, share that too. By sharing your interests, you not only make your newsletter more exciting but also give your audience a chance to get to know you better.

Let’s take a look at our own newsletter.

The top section of our blog post is titled “What We’ve Been Talking About”. This is the section where we provide value to our clients. We do this by offering them tips and advice on growing their businesses and sharing our knowledge from working with photographers over the years. Our blog covers a wide range of topics in this section. From the basics of starting an email list to branding tips and what to put on your website to drive traffic and increase conversions.

The second section will provide an in-depth overview of a project that we have been working on. We value transparency and communication, so we don’t just share images and leave it at that. Instead, we provide a detailed paragraph outlining the project’s objective, what the client was looking for, and our approach to achieving their goals. We also include testimonials from the client to reinforce our collaboration’s success further. Through this approach, we showcase our work’s quality and commitment to client satisfaction and build lasting partnerships. This highlights that our value goes beyond just our design capabilities.

In the next section, we want to share more about our personal lives. Not only do we want our audience to get to know us better, but we also want to establish a stronger connection with them. By sharing more about our interests, hobbies, and experiences, we hope to create a more relatable and engaging platform. After all, it’s not just about the content we make but also about the people behind it.

Lastly, we share a cocktail we’ve made and the recipe for people to make themselves, just for fun!

Creating a photography newsletter can take time and effort. However, it can be a powerful tool for connecting with your audience and growing your business. There are many ways to create a newsletter that is engaging and informative. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different formats, such as a weekly digest or a monthly roundup. And make sure to track your open and click-through rates to see what resonates with your audience. By regularly sending out a newsletter, you can stay top of mind with your audience and build a stronger relationship with them over time.

We hope this post helps you on your email list building journey!

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