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Brand design for SandraLee Photography



For Grace’s brand we aimed to create a sense of authentic adventure that was warmer, friendlier, and more welcoming than the typical full rustic outdoor adventure elopements you usually see. Our goal was to achieve a rustic, outdoorsy adventure feel while keeping things approachable and highlighting a more organic and free-spirited approach. It was crucial to keep the brand fun, compassionate, and uplifting. Grace provided us with some great ideas for her brand, including poppies, mountains, stars, her passion for hat collecting and vintage cameras, as well as her love for the outdoors and astrology.We achieved all of the required points in her branding while also adding personal details that made her brand feel authentic and personal. We used a rustic but modern main typeface, paired with some more rustic hand-drawn typefaces, to balance a modern structure with something a little more gritty and wild. We created a color palette that matched her photography and editing style, bringing the outdoors into her branding through color. For logos and illustrations, we included her love for poppies and her camper van in a mountain setting. We also designed a bear logo featuring a full moon and her star sign amongst the stars. This gave her brand a magical, outdoorsy feel with a touch of boho warmth and friendliness.

Here’s what Grace said about working with us:

“Wow, I can not find enough words to say about Sarah & Scott.  I gave Sarah some tricky ideas that when looking from a distance that would never go together. She saw my vision and made it come to life. Everything came together so well and looked so cohesive, especially seeing how much effort she put into adding so many personal elements into my design making it stand out and feel like me. The quality of work was top notch. You can tell how amazing Sarah is at paying attention to detail. Every little personal touch she added to my design is what truly made my brand finally feel like me. It completely exceeded my expectations. I knew she would come up with something cool, but I never thought it would turn out the way it did. They were so fast to respond, especially being in different time zones!”

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